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Species Original label Type ID number   
Powassan - SAPowassan-SAantigen BCCO 50_0084View detailAdd To Cart
Tribeč virusSA Tribeč 777antigen BCCO 50_0332View detailAdd To Cart
Zika virusZIKA-SAantigen BCCO 50_0083View detailAdd To Cart
Tahyňa virus183/M4antigen BCCO 50_0090View detailAdd To Cart
Semliki Forest virus-antigen BCCO 50_0115View detailAdd To Cart
Sindbis virus-antigen BCCO 50_0116View detailAdd To Cart
Batai virusSAantigen BCCO 50_0088View detailAdd To Cart
Middleburg virus-antigen BCCO 50_0002View detailAdd To Cart
Tribeč virus (anti-Tribeč)anti-Tribečantigen BCCO 50_0145View detailAdd To Cart
Tick-borne encephalitisantigen 4/92antigen BCCO 50_0404View detailAdd To Cart
Uukuniemi phlebovirusanti-Uukuniemi-ATascitic fluid BCCO 50_0208View detailAdd To Cart
Uukuniemi phlebovirusanti-Uuascitic fluid BCCO 50_0140View detailAdd To Cart
Uukuniemi phlebovirusAT anti-Uuascitic fluid BCCO 50_0141View detailAdd To Cart
Eyach virusAT anti-Eyachascitic fluid BCCO 50_0142View detailAdd To Cart
Tahyňa virusanti - Tahyňa 181polyclonal serum BCCO 50_0138View detailAdd To Cart
West Nile virusanti - West Nilepolyclonal serum BCCO 50_0139View detailAdd To Cart
Semliki Forest virusSemliky Forest antisérumpolyclonal serum BCCO 50_0143View detailAdd To Cart
Sindbis virusSindbis antisérumpolyclonal serum BCCO 50_0144View detailAdd To Cart
Tick-borne encephalitisV-250virus isolate BCCO 50_0003View detailAdd To Cart
Tick-borne encephalitisV-262virus isolate BCCO 50_0004View detailAdd To Cart

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