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Species Original label Type ID number   
Zika virusZIKA-SAantigen BCCO 50_0083View detailAdd To Cart
West Nile virusWNvirus isolate BCCO 50_0296View detailAdd To Cart
West Nile virusWest Nilevirus isolate BCCO 50_0295View detailAdd To Cart
Mad Wedani virusWad Medani M25virus isolate BCCO 50_0394View detailAdd To Cart
Tick-borne encephalitisVolfová M7virus isolate BCCO 50_0253View detailAdd To Cart
Tick-borne encephalitisVlasatývirus isolate BCCO 50_0308View detailAdd To Cart
Tick-borne encephalitisV361/IIIvirus isolate BCCO 50_0463View detailAdd To Cart
Tick-borne encephalitisV261virus isolate BCCO 50_0096View detailAdd To Cart
Tick-borne encephalitisV260virus isolate BCCO 50_0095View detailAdd To Cart
Tick-borne encephalitisV259virus isolate BCCO 50_0094View detailAdd To Cart
Tick-borne encephalitisV258virus isolate BCCO 50_0093View detailAdd To Cart
Tick-borne encephalitisV250virus isolate BCCO 50_0131View detailAdd To Cart
Tick-borne encephalitisV-540virus isolate BCCO 50_0073View detailAdd To Cart
Tick-borne encephalitisV-262virus isolate BCCO 50_0004View detailAdd To Cart
Tick-borne encephalitisV-250virus isolate BCCO 50_0003View detailAdd To Cart
Tick-borne encephalitistrpišovský M9virus isolate BCCO 50_0248View detailAdd To Cart
Tribeč virusTribeč Tc2 M9 R1MS3virus isolate BCCO 50_0161View detailAdd To Cart
Tribeč virusTribeč Tc2 M9 R1MS2virus isolate BCCO 50_0159View detailAdd To Cart
Tribeč virusTribeč Tc2 M9 R1 MS5virus isolate BCCO 50_0038View detailAdd To Cart
Tribeč virusTribeč P2 Tc9virus isolate BCCO 50_0160View detailAdd To Cart

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