Collection of Arboviruses

What do we offer

What do we offer

Our collection contains more than 400 individual isolates of viruses. The isolates are obtained in accordance with The Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit-sharing.

The items in the catalogue may be provided as: 

  •  Ampules of lyophilized virus suspensions (RT)
  •  Aliquots of virus suspensions (brain suspension, cell culture, cell culture supernatant (-80 °C)
  •  isolated nucleic acids (RNA, DNA) or reverse-transcribed RNA (cDNA)

How to order:

1)  Please contact the curator first to check the availability of the services offered. Please clearly indicate the number of strains you are interested in, their BCCO numbers, and the form you require. The delivery time depends on the number and volume of items ordered and the desired form.

2)    To save time, you can use the cart tool available in the culture catalog (aka shopping cart): add the strains you are interested in the cart, export the cart, and send it to the collection curator.

3)    If the item is available, the specific conditions (research collaboration, commercial purchase) will be negotiated with the curator, and a specific MTA (general template available here) will be created and signed. The items will be delivered as agreed.

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