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Species Original label Type ID number   
West Nile virusM15virus isolate BCCO 50_0001View detailAdd To Cart
Middleburg virus-antigen BCCO 50_0002View detailAdd To Cart
Tick-borne encephalitisV-250virus isolate BCCO 50_0003View detailAdd To Cart
Tick-borne encephalitisV-262virus isolate BCCO 50_0004View detailAdd To Cart
Tick-borne encephalitis354-1virus isolate BCCO 50_0005View detailAdd To Cart
Tick-borne encephalitis521virus isolate BCCO 50_0006View detailAdd To Cart
Tick-borne encephalitis275-1virus isolate BCCO 50_0007View detailAdd To Cart
Tick-borne encephalitis117virus isolate BCCO 50_0008View detailAdd To Cart
Tick-borne encephalitis287virus isolate BCCO 50_0009View detailAdd To Cart
Tick-borne encephalitis280virus isolate BCCO 50_0010View detailAdd To Cart
Tick-borne encephalitis263virus isolate BCCO 50_0011View detailAdd To Cart
Uukuniemi phlebovirus641/640 MS21virus isolate BCCO 50_0012View detailAdd To Cart
Uukuniemi phlebovirusM2 8634virus isolate BCCO 50_0013View detailAdd To Cart
Uukuniemi phlebovirusPO63 M7virus isolate BCCO 50_0014View detailAdd To Cart
Turlock orthobunyavirus (Lednice virus)6120virus isolate BCCO 50_0015View detailAdd To Cart
Turlock orthobunyavirus (Lednice virus)6130virus isolate BCCO 50_0016View detailAdd To Cart
Turlock orthobunyavirus (Lednice virus)6101 M2virus isolate BCCO 50_0017View detailAdd To Cart
Turlock orthobunyavirus (Lednice virus)110 M17virus isolate BCCO 50_0018View detailAdd To Cart
Turlock orthobunyavirus (Lednice virus)6118 M4virus isolate BCCO 50_0019View detailAdd To Cart
Turlock orthobunyavirus (Lednice virus)110 M2virus isolate BCCO 50_0020View detailAdd To Cart

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