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Species Original label Type ID number   
Batai virusČalovo-JAN M3virus isolate BCCO 50_0339View detailAdd To Cart
Batai virusČalovo-8003 M1virus isolate BCCO 50_0340View detailAdd To Cart
Batai virusČalovo-8002 M1virus isolateBCCO 50_0341View detailAdd To Cart
Batai virusČalovo-8042 M1virus isolate BCCO 50_0342View detailAdd To Cart
Batai virusČalovo-8040 M2virus isolate BCCO 50_0343View detailAdd To Cart
Batai virusČalovo-8038 REvirus isolate BCCO 50_0344View detailAdd To Cart
Batai virusČalovo-8044 M1virus isolate BCCO 50_0345View detailAdd To Cart
Batai virusČalovo-8012virus isolate BCCO 50_0347View detailAdd To Cart
Batai virusČalovo-8020 M2virus isolate BCCO 50_0348View detailAdd To Cart
Batai virusČalovo-8033 M1virus isolate BCCO 50_0349View detailAdd To Cart
Batai virusČalovo-8043 REvirus isolate BCCO 50_0350View detailAdd To Cart
Batai virusČalovo 134 M9 čp. 182/181virus isolate BCCO 50_0390View detailAdd To Cart
Batai virusČalovo-8043 M1virus isolate BCCO 50_0397View detailAdd To Cart
Batai virusČalovo-8038virus isolate BCCO 50_0398View detailAdd To Cart
Batai virusČalovo-8008 REvirus isolate BCCO 50_0046View detailAdd To Cart
Batai virusSAantigen BCCO 50_0088View detailAdd To Cart
Bovine coronavirusPavel Kolářvirus isolate BCCO 50_0337View detailAdd To Cart
Bunyamwera virusBunyamwera R5882virus isolate BCCO 50_0387View detailAdd To Cart
California encephalitis orthobunyavirus283virus isolate BCCO 50_0158View detailAdd To Cart
Encephalomyocarditis virus (EMCV) EMCvirus isolate BCCO 50_0209View detailAdd To Cart

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