Collection of Arboviruses

The Arbovirus collection of the Institute of ParasitologyBiology centre CAS consists of 37 species and 429 individual isolates of clinically more or less important viruses of six viral families. Among others the collection contains a unique time series of tick-borne encephalitis virus isolates since the first occurrence of the virus in Central Europe. isolates of virus strains are an important source of biological material serving for basic research (studying host-pathogen intercations, evolutionary etc.), but also have practical applications in epidemiological studies or serve as a source of biological material for diagnostics development or biotechnology.

The web page and the catalogue of the collection are under construction, for more detailed information, please contact the curator of the collection.


The development of the web and the catalogue of the arbovirus collection were supported from the programme ROZE Strategy AV21 of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

The Arbovirus collection is a part of  the Biology Centre Collections of Organisms (BCCO). BCCO is a formation of selected biological collections of organisms of the Biology centre CAS. BCCO supports the maintenance and further development of collections, aims on increasing the knowledge of the existence of the collections in public and expecially supports the use of the stored biological material in research, biotechnologies, medicine and other practical applications.

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